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Guest blog for BRIEF (EN)

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Evan George from BRIEF in London asked me to write the first of a series of guest blogs for their Facebook page. I was very honoured, as I am a big admirer of their Solution Focused thinking and of their work. Here it is:

Sunday, June 12, 2016

'While Evan is at the Solution Focused World Conference in Amsterdam BRIEF's good friend and colleague, Paut Kromkamp from is here writing about her current favourite Steve de Shazer quote.

What I would call my favourite Steve de Shazer quote varies over time. At the moment it has to be
“Building homes for solutions is what the solution-focused language game is designed to do.”*

I think this is exactly what talking about the preferred future right from the beginning of the day, like done at BRIEF, is all about. First we have invited the client to recall all kinds of resources. In doing so we have built a strong foundation upon which the preferred future can be built. When we invite the client to use language to describe the preferred future in minute detail, we are inviting them to create, as it were, ‘memories yet to happen’. This way they quite literally build a home for the various ways the preferred future might present itself. Preferably this description contains elements of sight, smell, sound, touch - even emotion (and this reminds me of some wonderful discussions with Harry Korman during last year's Summer School), to create this home in which the preferred future (or 'solution', in de Shazer’s words) can happen. On that day the client will experience a kind of home-coming, because everything that he or she notices, has somehow already happened in their mind. I like to think that when even the tiniest element of that description happens on that day, the brain recognizes it. The likelihood that other elements of the path that was described in the session will happen increases umpteen fold. Our language game has created the perfect environment for the ‘solution’, whatever it may be, to unfold itself.

* Gale Miller & Steve de Shazer, Emotions in Solution-Focused Therapy: a Re-examination. Family Process vol 39 No 1. p 21'


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