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Very successful Masterclass with Elliott Connie May 2016

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PK working solutions / Vraagkracht has invited Elliott Connie, from Texas, USA, to come and give a 2 day masterclass in The Netherlands on how to work with a solution focused approach in couples therapy. His way of working is as useable for couples who are going through a rough time in their relationship as well as couples who are already separated, and for parenting issues after a difficult divorce. Personally I use his approach also for issues between colleagues and all kinds of other disputes or rocky relationships. 

Everyone of the more than 30 participants was very happy with the programme. They found it inspiring, refreshing and very usable in their day to day work. It makes sense, it's not hard to understand, but it does take practise to master this 'Solution Focused language'. 

If you'd like to know more, book a training or coaching yourself, either on the BRIEF way of Solution focused coaching or on this way of couples counseling, please contact me directly so we can work out a programme that suits you and your team. Training and coaching can be in English or in Dutch. 


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